Buzzing in your kitchen

People always ask us how to stop flying insects from coming inside – we’re sorry to say but there are no magic cures, smart technology, or plug-in units that truly work.

Bugs will always come inside – fact. That’s why residual surface pesticide treatments are so effective. The treatment works on residual contact so when the insect lands on the product it is absorbed, affecting the nervous system.

Automated aerosol units can be useful as they ‘knock down’ insects after they fly through the aerosol mist. These units are more practical for killing flying insects that are less likely to land on surfaces, such as Cluster Flies, as the mist doesn’t have any long-term residual effect. But your average housefly or mosquito is unlikely to buzz through the mist at the exact moment the aerosol is activated. We find that insect light traps are far more effective. We even have one in our lounge, and our daughter has one in her kitchen. They are also great because it’s a chemical free option that compliments residual treatments.

You can also take very simple and practicable steps to help reduce those annoying pesky flying insects:

  • Store kitchen compost/rubbish in well-sealed containers and dispose regularly
  • Keep food (including fruit/vege) refrigerated or sealed in containers
  • Regularly clean kitchen floors, walls and food prep areas
  • Clean drains to prevent material from growing inside
  • Make sure there is no stagnant water on your property – ponds, water features, and puddles are perfect for mosquitoes to breed.