We get many calls from people who have spent the last few nights listening to scratching and screeching going on in their ceilings and walls. More often than not, it will be rodents.

It’s a no surprise that rodents can spoil food and spread disease. But did you know that rodents can also damage the structure of your building by chewing through electrical wires? This causes electrical short circuits, and more horrific, electrical fires. Rodents also enjoy chewing through water pipes, which can result in flooding and water damage to your home or workplace.

All species require similar treatment – an effective baiting programme that may include rodent bait with tamper proof stations, and maybe tracking powder. There are chemical free alternatives too.

It is important to remember that rodent bait is extremely toxic – it should only be handled by a trained technician and should always be contained in tamper proof stations. I’ve sadly seen the awful effect of rodent bait on dogs when non-qualified home owners and ‘cowboy pesties’ don’t use correct tamper proof rodent stations. It is an unnecessary and lazy way to manage rodents, with no regard to protecting other animals.

Also don’t be fooled by the highly marketed ultra-sonic units. They are a waste of money! Recently we attended a job where the rodents actually chewed on and played with the unit before chewing through a dishwasher waste pipe! Check out the white unit in the photo.