Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are widespread throughout Auckland in hotels, motels, backpackers, apartments and even homes. With increasing resilience to traditional chemical treatments they are very challenging to eradicate.

A-Jet is one of Auckland’s leading bed bug treatment specialists. We were the first to carry out a truly effective integrated pest management approach using chemical free treatments.

Our bedbug treatment programme can include one or more of the following:

Cryonite System – kills bedbugs using carbon dioxide ‘snow’ (-78°C). There are no insecticides and there is no residue build-up, so no risk of toxic or allergic reactions. This makes it a perfect and very effective solution for the control of bed bugs. The carbon dioxide used is a by-product of an industrial process, so it adds no extra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

Cimex Eradicator – kills bedbugs using a superheated dry steam (180°C) and removes the smell associated with bedbugs. This cost-effective treatment causes thermal shock and can eliminate the adult insects, the larval stages and the eggs. Because the overheated dry steam does not release toxic substances it can be emitted in the presence of people.

Bed locks – following treatment, where practical we will recommend the use of mattress and/or base locks to prevent infestation in your bed.

Bed bug infestation with eggs