Flood Recovery Auckland

Call us today to minimise furniture and appliance damage and prevent bacteria, mould and mildew growth following a flood.

A-Jet provides quick and effective flood management and water damage restoration services in Auckland. We offer a rapid, round-the-clock flood management services to help minimise flooring and wall damage to your home or workplace.

Our team is experienced in working with insurance assessors and will help make the process easier, from drying your floors, right down to providing advice on how to make your claim.

A-Jet technicians are accredited members of Clean Trust – we meet global standards in water damage restoration (ANSI/IICRC S500).

What you can expect from our team

Upon arrival, our technicians will assess the damage and remove excess water. They will then use state of the art commercial air dryers, drying mats and dehumidifiers that will not only dry your carpet, but also your floors, walls and other affected areas.

Using Drymatic Boost Box technology, we monitor the environment being dried via a wired sensor system. The continual evaluation of the environment allows the Boost Box to adapt to the varying conditions and increase or decrease its power consumption accordingly. This means it’s more effective and energy efficient.

Our technicians will monitor the drying process each day and will make all the necessary adjustments. When the drying process is complete, we can arrange for your carpet to be re-laid. We can also apply an antibacterial solution to kill bacteria, and steam clean your carpet as well.

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